WAG 100 Masters: Only in Canada - Celebrating a Century


Celebrating a century, May 10, 2013

100 Masters Trailer


Wasgo, a red wood carving by Haida/Canadian artist Bill Reid, arrives at the WAG from UBC Museum of Anthropology for the 100 Masters exhibition.

WAG 100 Masters: Only in Canada - Shipping


Go behind the scenes of 100 Masters. All 100 art works featured in the exhibition were shipped from museums across Canada. Find out how these precious and fragile works were crated and protected for their journey to the WAG.

WAG 100 Masters: Only in Canada - Construction


There’s a lot more to an exhibition than just hanging the pictures. Go behind the scenes with the Preparation department and see how walls come down, walls go up, and the exhibition galleries become completely reconfigured.

WAG 100 Masters: Only in Canada - Conservation


How do you keep a 500-year old painting looking fresh and new? WAG Conservator Radovan Radulovic shows how works of art are carefully examined and repaired before being put on display.

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